Our parent organisation, Kale Charity (SC048617) is run entirely on donations from generous supporters. We graciously accept donations through several services designed to suit your budgets; from one-off donations, to sponsorships, and small regular direct debits.



We support one-off donations directly through PayPal, in both GBP and USD.


You can also make one-off donations through Donorbox. They support cards, PayPal, and mobile payments like Apple and Google Pay.



We really like Patreon because our hosting costs are often in USD, and we can give folks sneak-peeks as we build new things!


If you'd prefer to make a recurring donation in GBP, you can set up a Direct Debit instead.

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Corporate Sponsors

We're very grateful to several businesses that have donated services, or credit, to us. Click on their logos below to learn more about them.

Where possible, we've used referral links, so if you sign up, we get credit towards our projects 🎉