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I'm a 4 year old, male, small sized Pug/Beagle

Paddy Rehomed 🐾

Paddy is a nervous boy who can be very anxious in new situations and when meeting people for the first time. He will need an understanding owner who will visit him a few times before taking him home, and will be committed to helping him gain some more confidence. He doesn't like being left alone and likes human company, so he is looking for someone who has lots of time to spend with him. He likes being made a fuss of by people that he trusts, he loves his comfy bed, and likes playing with his toys. He likes going for walks so he can sniff around and explore, and enjoys meeting up with his dog friends for a run around. He loves his food but does need help to watch his waistline. Paddy may suit living with children aged 12 or more, and could potentially live with another dog if introductions go well.

Last updated 5 months ago

Not available

Paddy is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.