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Theo is a happy and confident boy who likes meeting people and making new friends. He is very energetic and will need an active owner who will enjoy getting out for exercise as much as he does. We think that he would enjoy agility or flyball, or even Cani-cross if his owner enjoys running too. He loves all sorts of toys, but especially likes running around with a tennis ball. When he can’t be physically active, he likes to keep his mind busy with an activity toy, or keeping occupied with a tasty stuffed frozen Kong. Theo is very affectionate and enjoys his cuddles, and always has time for a nice bum scratch. He has made some doggy friends here, and gets along with most dogs, although we think he would prefer to be the only dog in his new home. He can get excited and forget his manners sometimes, so he would benefit by going to training classes to reinforce his good behaviour. Theo may suit a home with children over 14 years old.

Last updated 10 months ago

Not available

Theo is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.