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Greyhound / Ridgback



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Tyke is an adorable boy who our staff think is amazing. He is a big softy who is very affectionate and loving, and he is sure to be great company for his new owner. He is a shy boy who isn't very confident around strangers, so he will need a few visits to get to know his new owners, and he gets anxious if he's left alone for too long, so he will need an owner who has lots of time to spend with him. Tyke has lots of energy and enjoys getting out for walks, or even better having a zoom around in a safe and enclosed space. He may suit living with high school aged children, but needs to be the only pet in his new home.

Last updated 6 months ago

Not available

Tyke is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

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