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I'm a 5 year old, female, small sized Shih Tzu/ Poodle

Poppy Rehomed 🐾

Poppy is a complicated girl who is looking for an owner who has had lots of experience dealing with dogs with behavioural issues. She is an anxious dog who often deals with her anxiety by being grumpy. She is not a lap dog and does not like to be picked up. She can be sweet and friendly when she wants to be and does like a nice tummy scratch, but this is definitely only on her terms. She is prone to resource guarding, so will need to be the only pet in an adult only home. Poppy will need a committed owner who is prepared for long term behavioural work, possibly with the aid of a behaviourist. Please contact the kennel management team for more information on Poppy.

Last updated 4 months ago

Not available

Poppy is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.