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I'm a 1 year old, female, large sized Rottweiler

Experienced owner

Requires training

Lola Unavailable

Lola is a sweet young girl who is very excitable and energetic. She has been returned previously because of her boisterous behaviour, and even after a long walk, she finds it difficult to wind down and settle. She has been working hard with our training team and has a huge amount of potential, but she needs an experienced doggy person who is prepared to work on her training. Lola is currently staying with the charity ‘Paws for Progress' where she has been enrolled in their Paw School. She is helping to do some wonderful work with young offenders, while learning some valuable new skills herself. If you are interested in giving Lola a home, please contact our reception team who can send you an application for rehoming. Lola is looking for a home without children.

Last updated 1 week ago

Not available

Lola is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.