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I'm a 2 year old, female, medium sized Siberian Husky

Midnight Rehomed 🐾

Midnight is a sweet girl who is unfortunately very nervous and wary when she is in new situations or around new people. She is looking for an understanding owner, who ideally has knowledge of the breed, who can help her grow in confidence and learn some new socialisation skills. She’s not too sure what to do with toys and prefers to have a good run around in our paddock, either by herself or with a willing person. Her last owner said that she gets on with other dogs but she has been a wary while staying with us, so we think she would at least initially prefer to be the only pet in her new home. She does get upset if she is left alone and will need an owner who will be able to spend most of their day with her. Midnight may suit living with high school aged children who can understand her nervousness.

Last updated 7 days ago

I'm not available for adoption

I was cared for by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.