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I'm a 6 year old, female, small sized Chihuahua

Likes cuddles

Only dog

Pebbles Rehomed 🐾

Pebbles is looking for a home with her partner Lacey. They have a very close relationship and love being together. Although they can be a little shy at times, they are friendly and happy to meet people who are willing to make a fuss of them. They are affectionate girls who like being around people and love cuddles, so would make lovely companions. They do enjoy having some time to themselves too and like to snuggle up together in a comfy bed. They love their food and do need to watch their waistlines, but they always enjoy getting out for some exercise. They would like to be the only pets in their new home, so they can get all the attention, and may suit living with children who are aged 14 or more.

Last updated 5 months ago

Not available

Pebbles is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.