Border Collie



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Bruno is a young working dog who is looking for an active and experienced Collie owner who will be able to provide all the physical and mental stimulation that he needs. He is an extremely energetic and playful boy who is very motivated by toys and food. He needs an activity to focus on, Agility, Flyball or Treiball are all great options for him. Bruno has been working hard on his training and behaviour while he's been with us, but he will need an owner who has the time and commitment to carry on with this work. He gets on well with some other dogs, but this does depend on introductions. Bruno is looking for an adult only home with a main door and a private garden, which is away from the city centre.

Last updated 2 months ago

Not available

Bruno is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

Requires training