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X Staffordshire Bull Terrier



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Baloo is a lovely sweet natured boy who needs to gain some confidence. He is looking for an experienced owner who can work on his socialisation and help him overcome his fears. He was really shy when he came to stay with us but has come out of his shell and is now very loving and affectionate. He is a fun loving boy, who although he hasn't shown much interest in toys, does enjoy munching on a tasty filled Kong or lick matt. He does have lots of energy so will need an energetic owner who will play with him, as he loves having zoomies around our paddock, especially with someone who will run around and have fun with him. Baloo will get upset when he's left alone so will need an owner who can keep him company and gradually work on this issue. He may suit a family with high school aged children who can help him with his training.

Last updated 5 months ago

Not available

Baloo is no longer available for adoption. They were cared for by Edinburgh Dog and Cat Home.

Experienced owner

Requires training